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We believe that we can change the face of philanthropy,

one scholarship at a time. 

Today, obtaining an education is critical. Unfortunately the cost of college continues to skyrocket and student debt is at an all time high.  Your investment in the education of a young person can yield lifelong rewards. 


There are many benefits of starting a scholarship fund. As a philanthropist, you:

  • Invest in the lives of deserving students

  • Give back to communities that matter to you

  • Encourage students to go to college

  • Relieve the financial burden of pursuing higher education

  • Promote academic success and community engagement

  • Inspire community members to give back and pay it forward


There are also significant tax benefits for charitable giving! All donations to charitable organizations are tax-deductible, offering a great incentive for donors to give.


Why should you start your own 

scholarship or grant-making fund?

How can we help you launch your legacy?


Let's be honest!

Starting a scholarship or grant-making fund is a huge task but with our services and support we'll help you develop your very own fully functional legal scholarship foundation. 

Did you know?

Did you know that most (not us!) community foundations require a minimum of $10,000-$25,000 to start a scholarship or grant-making fund, often posing a huge barrier for young people to give back in a sustainable and systematic manner. 


We make giving back easily accessible by removing financial barriers often associated with traditional “philanthropy”

First things first!

We'll begin with a strategy session where we walk you through the process of starting a successful scholarship or grant-making fund using our simple formula.   Strategy sessions can be completed in person, via phone, or online. 

Establishment of Scholarship Foundation

Launch your legacy by legally establishing your scholarship foundation. We'll help you determine the best avenue by discussing your mission, audience, and strategy and action in detail.  Don't worry about the legal paperwork! We'll complete all of the necessary documents for you.

Scholarship Starter Kit

Get access to all of the tools you need to run an efficient, organized, and successful scholarship foundation. The Scholarship Starter Kit includes a suite of templates to enhance your scholarship organization.  We've got you covered!


If you have a specialized need or just want additional support, feel free to take advantage of our individualized coaching. It’s simple! Sign up for a coaching session as needed.

What others are saying...

I was really nervous about the amount of time and money it would take to start my scholarship, but working with Philanthropy LLC I found the process quick and affordable. Chalis was so patient and accommodating and her passion was evident through every interaction. It made me even more excited to launch the Ozzie and Me Scholarship. She was there every step of the way, always available to answer questions and provide support. I truly couldn't imagine a better experience!

Christin Thorpe, Ozzie & Me Scholarship Foundation


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