The Art of Philanthropy

The Art of Philanthropy: Scholarship Fundraiser was a beautiful celebration of art and philanthropy! It was such a blessing to celebrate our philanthropists and create a space where we could share our stories of how our experiences have shaped our philanthropic identities. Studio AM was filled with a diverse group of individuals full of positive energy and a desire to learn how we can come together to make this place a little better by sharing our resources with those in need.

I believe we truly changed the face and narrative about philanthropy. We proved that philanthropy is not just about social status, race, or economic backgrounds but truly about your heart to give using whatever resources you have coupled with your passion for others.

Thank you Baron Batch for creating a beautiful collection of art that will benefit our scholarship and grant funds. Thank you UPMC Center For Engagement and Inclusion for sponsoring our celebration and fundraiser. Thank you to all who have contributed via love, support, and money over the past year. Philanthropy, LLC would not be where we are today without our team! You are valued and appreciated.

Let's continue to #redefinephilanthropy.

Please enjoy the full photo album from The Art of Philanthropy: Scholarship Fundraiser here:

Shot by Ray Carrington Photography)

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