Philanthropy, uncomfortable? No!

I’m sharing this exchange for a couple of reasons...

1. I'm glad that God used me to make a difference in this student’s life. I prayed really hard about the presentation because it was my first time presenting on the topic and, to be completely honest, I didn't really feel “qualified” to lead the workshop. But in an effort to get out of my comfort zone, I accepted the challenge and trusted that God would equip me with the necessary information to minister to the students in the room that day. He did just that. 2. I love when people say thank you! This email exchange absolutely made my day! I'm thankful that she now has new tools to use in future interactions and a new experience to add to her resume.

What would have happened if I declined the invitation to present because of my own selfish feelings (fear or lack of confidence)? 

Was this a philanthropic moment? Absolutely! Philanthropy is having a heart for others and putting away your selfish desires. Philanthropy can and should be a VERY uncomfortable experience at times. Philanthropy is about doing what needs to be to done in order to influence communities that matter to you. How can you make a difference? Are you answering the call when opportunity knocks or do you gracefully decline the opportunity to touch and possibly change a life?  (Man, that got deep!)  #redefinephilanthropy  

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