Know your worth!

I had the opportunity to speak to two groups of amazing students at the University of Pittsburgh’s Diversity Career Conference.  It was truly a fun and enlightening experience as I was able to merge a few of my interests into a presentation on “Know Your Worth: Get the Job You Deserve”. 

First, I was happy to share with the population that I truly enjoy working with — undergraduate students.  I could tell they appreciated the unique perspective I brought to the topic and they were eager to learn and, more importantly, practice what I was teaching. 

Secondly, I was elated to share my story with the students.  All too often perfect pictures are painted when we think about ones career trajectory but, in reality, the masterpiece had severalllllll rough drafts! Today was the first time that I publicly shared my career story and I hope my vulnerability was encouraging and inspiring to the people in the room. 

Lastly, I had so much fun presenting from the perspective in my new leadership role of Philanthropy. Not only was I able to bring in my student development expertise but my social entrepreneurship experience as well. It was quite an experience.  

So, what did I talk about?! 

In 35 minutes we covered A LOT! 

At the conclusion of the workshop the students were able to effectively communicate and market their skills, assets, experiences, and values that make them awesome candidates and employees. 

My driving point was that your self-worth and peace of mind are the most important factors in getting the job you deserve. 

I’m finally at a space in my career where I love what I do because I know who I am and I love who I am.  While it took me several years to get there, I hope that my message will resonate with the students and it won’t take them as long as I did to find inner peace in their careers. 


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