Redefining "Philanthropy"

Philanthropy, LLC is about more than the creation and provision of scholarships. Our vision is to the "change the face of philanthropy" and we've chosen scholarships to be a starting point for that change. Our goal is to change the way people think about philanthropy and ultimately the way people define philanthropy.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word "philanthropist"?

I'll be honest... at first I thought of an older White male or someone from a wealthy family. Think Bill & Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett, Andrew Carnegie...

philanthropy definition

Well we think philanthropists are everyday people who are doing great things for others in their communities!

We’re redefining philanthropy. Our definition of philanthropy is simply “the art of having a heart for others”. We chose to use the word “art” in the new definition because we feel that the act of philanthropy is an outward expression of having a heart for others. How you display your philanthropy is a process and a personal decision based on your passions and resources. We are hoping that more young professionals and grassroots organizers will identify themselves as philanthropists, thus changing the face of philanthropy.

We want to inspire young people to look up to their “everyday community” as inspiring philanthropists and imagine themselves as givers and people with hearts for others. We want to inspire our community members to simply care for others and show love in meaningful and impactful ways. We want to ignite philanthropic identities through this #redefiningphilanthropy campaign.

As we market the new definition of philanthropy, we want people to confidently identify as philanthropists, explore new avenues of philanthropy, and encourage their peers to do the same. To inspire and equip is our mission but we believe it starts with identifying as philanthropists and redefining philanthropy.

#redefinephilanthropy #changingthefaceofphilanthropy


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