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Our Mission

To invest in the future of Erie, PA through academic achievement.

Our Goals

The goal of this scholarship is to assist in alleviating financial burden related to attending a post-secondary institution. The scholarship will help with clarity for students debating whether they are able to attend college due to lack of funds. It is intended to be a token of appreciation for one’s academic achievement, both present and forthcoming. Having a college degree can aide in the closing of the racial wealth gap in our community. Economic empowerment will be instilled and more opportunities may present themselves through experiences and connections gained while attending a post-secondary institution. This will serve as an investment in our youth’s health, including but not limited to educationally, physically, mentally, and financially.

Who We Are

Mack Bean was born and raised in Erie, PA and received his education within some of the same Erie public schools as his parents and other family members. Growing up on Erie’s east side, Mack attended Lincoln Elementary, Wilson Middle School and East High School where he graduated in 2012 as class President. Throughout his academic career, Mack recalls the few times that he has encountered educators that resembled him. Only two of which he was able to learn in their classroom throughout all of his 13 years. After graduating from East High School, he went on to attend Slippery Rock University with the assistance of several scholarships. One of which is privately funded by Al and Peggy Richardson known as the Frederick Douglass Scholarship. There were times he would find himself being the only person of color in his classroom and experiencing a disconnect with those surrounding him: including the professor. Needless to say, he persevered as he had done before and managed to find comfort and camaraderie outside of the classroom. This is where he learned some of his most valuable life lessons. He saw his hometown from a different perspective and realized that there were things that needed to change.


Erie, PA lacked representation of its’ diverse population. In order to make sure we are acknowledged and not ignored, we must secure our seats in areas that we have previously been shunned from; especially when they are making decisions that directly affect us. Mack decided to start this scholarship in order to show his support of his community and youth that may feel undervalued or think that a college degree is unattainable. With the support of the community, we can secure the future of our youth and begin to change the conditions in which we have been accustomed.

How You Can Help

We need your help! Since its beginning, the scholarship fund has continued to grow and serve as a resource for students.  Individuals have become sponsors of the foundation.  You can help by becoming a yearly contributing sponsor or by making a donation. Make a tax-deductible gift now and support students and our future leaders!


Give to the Lake Erie Black Affirmation Scholarship via mail:

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